Marilyne Lafrontiere designs

One upon a time

Everything started when I decided to get back into my studies, After an A level in mixed media, I then enrolled in Newcastle college to do another set of A levels in art and design for a year.
When i finished the different courses in college, I decided to go back to textile because it was my knight in shining Armour.
 During the year one of my assignment was to make a fashionable top based on one of the city's in the world,
ours was called Mumbai. This project was a group task so each person had to make their own design but had to be look-a-likes. The project had to be a digital print. Here is my mood board and my final t-shirt.

Finally I had to decided what my final module was going to be based on. I chose lights, because it is something that is growing everywhere in the period of time.
I did my research inside of the Baltic museum they had an expedition about an artist who worked with lights in different ways. I also searched fireflies, which are insects that produce their own light.
To make my final piece it was an nightmare. I would raver eat a poisoned apple and fall asleep. It was much too crowded and everyone was rushing, but there is always a happy ending and my final piece was finished here are the images.

Thought the 1st year in university course at Hartlepool.
we went back to drawing for six weeks, here are some examples below. There are from some pages of my sketchbook and drawing sheets.

It was also the year where we were introduced to the different technical methods used in textile industry such as, Photoshop, dying fabrics with different solutions, hand and machine embroidery.

We have been in a trade show at Manchester, it was kind of a good experience, we were able to see how other designers displayed, discuss and sell their products.

For the last project of the year the trip at London help for the decision of the topic we would choose.
We visit ed the V&A, it was huge, and amazing.

We also been to the liberty which sell top of the range items such as gifts,fabric, stationery,brands and loads more.
At the end we went to the British national museum and Chelsea harbor it was really classy.

So finally came the last assignment furnishing & fashion and our first three meters fabric print, then I realized I did prefer the fashion part see bellow one of my samples.

The year has finished and I am ready to start another year at CCAD which would be my second year.
My first project that I done in the second year was interior design which I found very dull well I did not like it. Since then I knew that interior design was not for me even if I can do a good job out of it.

Here are some of my images.

I then had a unit on fashion which I thought, I would base it on men fashion because not many people do it. Here is my mood board which I love to do and some of my drawings with designs.

So then three of my design have been taken to indigo Paris textile show and have also been chosen print source New York. I stayed in Paris for a week to see around, also took a few pictures "more like a lot" (go to my landscape page).

Another project which I loved and based around men is gift because I did not want to go into another feminine project which every one did. In this project I have also used some images from my trip to Paris in France.

                                                              mood board and designs


For my individual option, where we choose what we want to work on I decided to do fashion again but this time for ladies.

The 3rd and final year yeeaaahh!!!

Has we observed the year before us stress with their work it was our turn to suffer.

 my final dresses digital print