Artistic inspiration

Turner Prize

At the Baltic there was an expedition about the Turner prize which is a big art prize of an amount of money and a trophy. It had different artists, Karla Black she made instillation which revolved around children having fun with different materials and adding them all together such has soap, makeup and fabric to tie it all together.
Martin Boyce did old fashion metal sculptures, like they did before all of the elements were found.
George Shaw made super realistic images that you thought would of been pictures but they were made from very hard to mix paint.
And Hilary Lloyd took pictures of every day objects,zoomed in so you had to think what the object really was she also made a movie about it,so you had to think even harder.
The winner was Martin Boyce I voted for Karla Black myself.

The Moon Gallery

I recently went to a new small gallery called the moon gallery which gathered different kind of artists which show different structures and aspects of traditional and contemporary art.
they are very welcoming and let you enjoy the art at your own paste
you can find all of this on their website.

Textile designer inspirations

One of my inspiration designer and illustrator are

Longina Phillips

Ian Ophelan

and Stewart Russell

Carne Griffiths